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Although Post-Capitalistic Auction reflects more, I hope, than just a utopian dream, its conception can be traced back to the youthful utopian mind of my 18-year-old self, when I was a freshman at university. A casual conversation between my cousin and myself ended with me asking: “Why do artworks end up in the hands on […]

Conversation on Value and Art

This article is an interview by Tuva Mossin to Jingyi Wang after Post Capitalistic Auction. The article gives insights behind the concept and the reflection on the premiere performance in Bergen. Published on Replikk the journal of Bergen University on May 30th,2018.  Conversation on Value and Art

All Shall Be Unicorns. About Commons, Aesthetics and Time

We share this article by Marina Vishmidt, which investigates “commonist aesthetics”. (commonist – not communist!)   Marina Vishmidt With this investigation into the relationship between commoning and aesthetics via the dimension of time, Marina Vishmidt contributes to the theme of Commonist Aesthetics. Vishmidt views temporality as a framing condition for thinking “commons” as a practical […]