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Art as Commodity or Art as Experience?

The artist Donna Dodsen reflects on art as a hot commodity: Art fairs, auctions and galleries have produced a veritable marketplace for hot commodities and much of the art world has become the playground of the rich, status seeking new millionaires and billionaires. At the other end of the spectrum are those who believe art […]

BBC documentary: The Great Contemporary Art Bubble

Art might be the extreme paradox case that strives to be free of the secular value system and create its own value, but can’t excempt the capitalistic parameters for value. See this documentary about the contemporary art bubble.  

Her name is money and she rules the world

Money rules the world. It’s the most powerful weapon, and persistent vanquisher, the one thing which conquers, and have done for all times, more and more victoriously since the dawn of our neo-liberal era.  Also, and maybe especially, in the arts. The commodification of art has been theorized for centuries. Still, many hold the romantic […]