Jingyi Wang

Concept and director

Jingyi Wang is educated in global communication and performing arts. Her studies and works have kept her moving from one city to another, from Beijing to Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Brussels, Nice, and now Bergen. As a theatre maker she has developed the concept Static Theatre which has been presented in two parts at BIT Teatergarasjen. Static Theater #1: THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND premiered at Studio USF, Bergen in 2015. Static Theater #2: WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU premiered at Kunsthall 3.14 in November 2016. The concept was recently invited to be part of the NLGX Arts Festival in China, and will also be presented in Shanghai. Wang’s projects are defined by a crossover interest for performance and visual arts, which has also led to the concept and development of POST-CAPITALISTIC AUCTION.

Idun Vik

Performer, producer and co-creator

Idun is a performer, theatre maker and producer based in Bergen. She trained at the Guildford School of Acting, and worked for sevaral years in London. Idun welcomes a wide range of different performative interests and approaches into her practice. Over the past few years she’s been based in Bergen, and developed Lykkeparadigmet (The Paradigm of Happiness) which premiered at BIT Teatergarasjen in 2015, and Cornerstone – an initiative for new writing based at Cornerteateret. Acting credits include The National Stage, Hordaland Teater and ITV Studios, as well as several projects in the independent field. Idun also works as producer for dance maker Kristin Helgebostad, and as communication manager for BIT Teatergarasjen. On invitation from Jingyi Wang, Idun has been working on the development of Post Capitalistic Auction since late 2016. Projects in the making include “Det Kosmiske Manifest” as concept/director.  www.idunvik.com

Iris Raffetseder


Iris Raffetseder has experience as a dramaturge for ImpulsTanz, and is currently working in the programming and dramaturgy department of the Vienna Festival. As a freelance dramaturg in dance, performance and theatre and assistant choreographer, she has developed projects for Steirischer Herbst, Tanzquartier Wien, Schauspielhaus Wien amongst others. She has studied Theatre, French and Performing Arts in Vienna, Paris, Nice and Francfort/Main. Iris Raffetseder is based in Vienna.


CONCEPT/DIRCTOR: Jingyi Wang CO-CREATOR/PERFORMER/PRODUCER: Idun Vik DRAMATURGE: Iris Raffetseder ARTISTS: Toril Johannessen, Thora Dolven Balke, Marie Storaas, Håkon Holm-Olsen, Gabriel Kvendseth, Helene Norseth, Dan Mihaltianu, Annette Kierulf CONSULTANT: Knut Ove Arntzen PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Adriana Alves PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Ingvild Bjørnson SOFTWARE: BEK/Bergen Elektronisk Kunst ADVISING PANEL: Erlend Hammer, Kjersti Solbakken, Knut Jarl Jøsok CATALOGUE ARTICLES BY: Knut Ove Arntzen,  Knut Ove Arntzen, Dave Beech, Andrea Phillips, Jose Maria Duran, Jacob Hjortsberg, Erlend Hammer, Paul Mason and Jenn Webb SEMINAR SPEAKERS: Hans Marius Hansteen, Dr Jose Maria Duran, Erlend Hammer, Eirik Saghaug, Annette Kierulf, Malin Barth INTERVIEWERS: Silje Heggren, Mikkel Vetaas EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE: Alwynne Prichard THANKS TO: Dave Beech, Malin Barth, VISP, Alwynne Pritchard, Veronica Diesen, Gitte Sætre,  Martin Clark, Pernille Skar Nordby, Alicia Eidesund, Studentteateret Immaturus SUPPORTED BY: Norwegian Arts Council, FFLB, Fritt Ord, FFUK, Bergen Dansesenter – regionalt kompetansesenter for dans, Bergen Kommune CO-PRODUCTION: BIT Teatergarasjen, BEK, Bergen Kunsthall