Jingyi Wang

Concept and director


Jingyi Wang is educated in global communication and performing arts. Her studies and works have kept her moving from one city to another, from Beijing to Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Brussels, Nice, and now Bergen. As a theatre maker she has developed the concept Static Theatre which has been presented in two parts at BIT Teatergarasjen. Static Theater #1: THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND premiered at Studio USF, Bergen in 2015. Static Theater #2: WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU premiered at Kunsthall 3.14 in November 2016. The concept was recently invited to be part of the NLGX Arts Festival in China, and will also be presented in Shanghai. Wang’s projects are defined by a crossover interest for performance and visual arts, which has also led to the concept and development of POST-CAPITALISTIC AUCTION.

Miyuki Tanaka

Curator, Dramaturge


After being engaged in the exhibitions, “bones” (2009) and “The Definition of Self” (2010) at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, her interests often include technology, where future of humans and the society could be found. Her projects present disabilities as an alternative perspective of re-viewing the world such as “Prosthetic Fashion Show: Rhythm of athletics,” “dialogue without vision” (2016, Japan Foundation), exhibition “The Great Ordinary” (2017, NO-MA), and performance “CREATIVE AUDIO DESCRIPTION” (2017, Kanagawa Arts Theatre) among other projects. The film “NIGHT CRUISING” she produced will be released on March 30th at Uplink Shibuya and then in theaters nationwide.

Mio Kaku



Studied Art History at Seijo University in Tokyo, joined Est-Ouest Auctions Co., Ltd. in 2008 and specialized in Decorative Arts. After being Manager of Auction Planning & Operation department, worked as Director of the company since 2012. Served as Auctioneer for Tokyo and Hong Kong auction, as well as for other charity events in various art foundations. Besides auction business, doing research on the factor analysis of art work’s price formation at Graduate school of Keio University in Tokyo.


Concept/Director: Jingyi Wang
Curator/Dramaturge: Miyuki Tanaka

Dramaturge advisor: Iris Raffetseder
Software: BEK/Bergen Elektronisk Kunst
Artists: Kenjiro Okazaki, Daito Manabe, BCL, chelfitsch, Tim Etchells and more
Advising Panel: Aomi Okabe, Kei Wakabayashi, Yohei Kurose and more
Auctioneer: Mio Kaku (Est-Ouest Auctions Co.,Ltd.)
Stage Manager: So Ozaki
Design: So Hashizume
Interpreter: Takako Yoshimura
Lawyer: Tasuku Mizuno (CITY LIGHTS LAW)
Software localization: Takanobu Inafuku