Save Me / Sink Me / Free Me / Tie Me / Hang Me (2016-2018)

Weaving of found and assimilated ropes, textiles, shoe laces, strings, threads and wood.

155cm x 125cm

Save Me / Sink Me / Free Me / Tie Me / Hang Me is a rudimentary weaving of found and assimilated ropes, textile, shoe laces, strings, threads, and wood.

Gabriel Johann Kvendseth’s (b. 1984, Karlsøy, Norway) artistic practice encompasses sculpture, installation, writing, performance, and participatory situations. He lives and works in Bergen and is a graduate from the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. He has exhibited at numerous museums and galleries, including Arkhangelsk Fine Arts Museum and Murmansk Regional Art Museum in Russia, Sámi Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok, Nordic House in Reykjavik, Northern Norwegian Art Museum in Tromsø, Kunstnerforbundet and Kunstindustrimuseet in Oslo, Kunsthall Oslo, and KODE 2 and Kraft in Bergen. His works are represented in the collections of KODE1, Hordaland County, and the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen, in addition to being included in numerous private collections.


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