Uten Tittel (2018)


Oil, pigment and concrete on canvas.

82,5  x 172 cm .

Since graduating with an MA from the former Bergen National Academy of Art, Marie Storaas has worked on and explored a technique in which she blends concrete, oil, and pigments. The result of her method is a material surface where the motives naturally integrate with the background. The technique has parallels with frescos. In this piece, Storaas has explored how to create a landscape that dialogues with the utopian, where a detail of something concrete sets the premise for where and when we are in time. Storaas structures an indefinable prospect open to interpretation.

Marie Storaas (1981) works with visual art through an amalgamation of painting and sculpture. By blending different materials like concrete and plaster with pigments and oil, she creates a sensory expression. She often makes use of old photographs as a base, from which she creates abstract reflections. Storaas’ works have been exhibited nationally at various gallery spaces, such as Astrup Fearnley Museum Oslo, and Fredrikstad Kunsthall, and her record also lists a number of public art commissions, for instance for Bergen Prison and Bergen Litteraturhus. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show, as the appointed Vossa Jazz 2018 festival artist, at Voss Kulturhus, commissioned by Vossa Jazz in collaboration with Voss Kunstlag. Upcoming exhibitions also include  LCA Malaga Gallery in Spain.


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Visit the artist’s website on  www.mariestoraas.com.