Henge (2017)


Eight objects of found flakes of graffiti paint and glue on a mirror  

12 x 39 x 39 cm

The work Henge is part of a larger series of objects, Remnants 2015–2018. The objects are made of found flakes of graffiti paint, assembled in layers on a mirror, where the forms are built up and reduced. The construction is complete through the reflection in the mirror. The shapes of the objects are inspired by cairns, natural formations, and ruins. The format is inspired by typical objects one brings home from ones travels: souvenirs and fragments of nature.

Helene Norseth (1984) is a visual artist based in Bergen. Her main practice is centered around found materials recovered in her immediate surroundings. She often applies a site-specific approach and uses unconventional blends of materials to create unexpected connections between painting, crafts, and archeology. Norseth graduated with a Master of Arts from the Bergen National Academy of Art in 2011 and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and art projects in Norway. Durig the past year she has been touring an exhibition in collaboration with Håkon Holm-Olsen and Hans K.B Hansen at three different galleries in Akershus. Since 2012 she has also co-curated exhibitions at BLOKK showroom. Helene has received grants from the City of Bergen, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, and The Norwegian Arts Council.


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Visit Helene’s website on  www.helenenorseth.wordpress.com