Tre versjoner av universet (2017)

[Three Versions of the Universe]

Three artist books collected in a plexiglass box. Each book contains ten pages of original collages. Handmade original. No replicas available.

“Three Versions of the Universe” consists of three handmade books gathered in a transparent box, posing as some kind of collectible or museum artefact, something you would expect to find in an auction. Each book contains a visual narrative, or bits and pieces of a narrative: humans performing various rituals and activities, apparently with their own inner logic.

The work springs from a larger body of works titled “Archive”, consisting of images, objects and books, as well as larger wall based works. In this series, started in 2012, themes like the past and the future, fact and fiction, man and machine are explored.

Håkon Holm-Olsen (1982) is a Norwegian artist living and working in Bergen, Norway. He graduated with an MA in fine art from the former Bergen National Academy of Art in 2012. He works mainly with found material that he transforms into collages, drawings, artists books, and scenographic installations. Thematically his works revolve around the exploration of visual storytelling and narrative structures, and a fascination with the relationship between the past and the future and the real and the fictional.

Recent activities include a solo exhibition at House of Foundation, Moss, as well as a touring exhibition in collaboration with artists Helene Norseth and Hans Borchgrevink Hansen at various galleries in the Akershus region. In 2018 he will present an exhibition of new works at Trykkeriet, Bergen.

In addition to his artistic practice, he is a board member of the artist-run studio collective and exhibition space BLOKK in Bergen, Norway.


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